AnyRecover Review: The easiest ways to Recover Data from formatted hard drive

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1. Introduction

So, your hard drive is formatted and there were important files inside it which are lost now and you’re freaking out because of that. Well, don’t worry because in this article we’ll teach you how to recover data from hard drive, even formatted!”.

2. Everything about formatted HDD Recovery

2.1 Can you recover data from hard drive after formatting

Absolutely yes! When you format a hard drive, it doesn’t erase the stored data; it just clears the data from the address tables. This means you can recover a formatted hard drive. However, successful recovery usually depends on whether the data has been overwritten.

2.2 Things that you should do after formatted.

So as we mentioned above, to prevent overwriting the data, here are things you need know:

a. Stop using the hard drive after it is formatted

b. Don’t re-format the drive- If you re-format your drive again then there will be more complications for data recovery

Now, let’s learn about the recovery process.


3. Recover your Data using AnyRecover, even no backup!

The ideal tool for recovering formatted hard drives should be fast and simple to use. If a recovery tool takes too much time to understand how to use it, it’s not the right choice if you aren’t a tech nerd.

AnyRecover lets you recover formatted hard drives in three easy steps. With its high 98% recovery rate and unique algorithm, AnyRecover helps you deeply retrieve and scan data quickly. Now let’s test how does AnyRecover works. Also, it’s available both for PC and Mac.

So, first make sure you download AnyRecover on your computer.

Step 1: After installing AnyRecover, open the application.Then, click on “PC & Hard Drive Recovery” and select your formatted hard drive.

Now, AnyRecover will scan your hard drive for all the data that were stored before it was formatted.

Once, the process completes, Select the files that you want to recover and the location to store them, then click on the recover button.

While it’s frustrating that your hard drive got formatted and you need your old data, there’s hope if you backed it up on your PC before. Simply locate the backup folder, connect the hard disk device to your PC, and follow the usual steps to transfer the data back to your hard drive. Best of luck!

If you didn’t find any backup folders, AnyRecover will be the easiest way to rescue your digital life, and with its high success rate, I believe the problem will be solved!

4. Conclusion

To sum up, If you’ve formatted your hard drive without a backup, there’s no need to panic. First stop using or re-format it, Then AnyRecover can help you recover your formatted hard disk quickly and easily. It retrieves all your data in just 1-2-3 steps, without overwriting your existing files. You can even try its free trial to see if it can find your wanted files.

Remember to back up your storage regularly to protect your data as much as possible! If you already experienced data loss, download AnyRecover to get them back!

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