The Best Technology Inventions In The Past 10 Years

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In the past 10 years, the technology has shown drastic advancements. Humans have evolved from fires and stones into autonomous robots in certainty a short period of time. The start of the 20th millennium has shown the advent of cell phones, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, google planners and much more.

Technology has gained importance in every field, whether healthcare, industries, or programming it has emerged as an astonishing asset. Let’s take an iconic example of Netflix, which has provided the TV and film industry with an inexpensive yet high-quality and easily approachable option to consumers.

Let’s discuss further the technological advancements in the past years.

1. Augmented Reality

Everyone wants to dive into the ocean of unrealistic opportunities. The digital world has progressed so much that it will take you into a world of distinct surroundings that craves you to be physically there.

This technique is termed as augmentation. Examples of software using augmented reality application is Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters.

2. 3D Printing

Since a decade 2-D has progressed to 3-D, it has proven extremely practical. The files can be transmitted easily without moving parts. The metal object can be made using 3D printing technology.

This technique has wide applications, from creating cheaper auto parts to investigation of artificial organs, or you may even produce less painful ballet shoes with them.

3. Smartphones and Gadgets

Do you remember working on a small device with limited options? That was such a hassle to use, honestly. Cellphones, thankfully, have come out of that era since 2013 into iPads, tablets, and touchscreens with multifunctional properties.

Their speed, strength, and endurance are unremarkable. The smartphones are actually smart to upload pictures, visit a website in real-time without buffering, edit documents or capture pictures with twin-lens cameras. You can share the material everywhere in no time and can have extraordinary potential.

4. Birth Control Transdermal Patches

As previously stated in the article, technology has made Hands on roles in every sector. In terms of health care, technology has innovated to create contraceptive patches that can easily be transplanted into the dermis of women.

To safeguard them against unwanted pregnancies and offer protection against diseases like STIs. These patches are loaded with estrogen and progesterone hormones that are slowly released in the body as a mechanism for birth control.

5. Google Assistant

In the realm of artificial intelligence the closest approach is Google Assistant. It doesn’t only identify and recognize faces as a security to your phone but also can translate almost 27 languages or spoken phrases.

Google Assistant is available on your gadgets, laptops, phones, and speakers. It understands and composes messages, provides you with the information from an internet search, and makes calendars and reminders unlike any human can do this attentively for you.

6. Social Media

Digitalization has also put social media networking at huge levels. The access to Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram has made possible just because of technology.

We can communicate with each other at any time also, we can build online profiles and web pages for our business, which can be reached to target audiences only via social media marketing.

7. Artificial intelligence

AI has equipped a wide range of tools. Currently, every business, company, and website is relying on artificial intelligence, whether to produce content for their product to hunt clients or to advertise their website.

AI tools are extremely beneficial as they save time and give you ideas to be smarter and more productive. Examples are image-recognizing AI software, Chatgpt, or diagnostic AI tools in medical.

8. Cloud Computing Digitalization

In the past 10 years, the way for data storage has been totally changed. Cloud computing allows you to store maximum data safely on remote servers.

Instead of external hardware devices (hard drives), which can only store a small amount of data and have high upfront expenditure and maintenance costs.

9. Blockchain technology

Now, everyone has heard the name of blockchain technology. It’s a peer-to-peer networking system where the Blockchain can be documented.

It provides an incorruptible way to record payment transactions among parties, making it a transparent way for its users without any interference from third parties like banks.

CoinGate is a fascinating application for payment processing, making it transparent, authentic and even traceable. For your business growth, you should definitely utilise this technology by purchasing Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency with a credit card.

10. Capsule Endoscopic Procedure

    This method was occasionally done in 2001 on patients; however, with the technological advancement in picture sensors and light electrodes, it’s now used frequently.

    Capsule endoscopy is a non-invasive procedure where the patient eats a small wireless camera of a pill size. The doctors then detect any abnormalities like inflammation, tumours and bleeding of the digestive tract.


    We have witnessed remarkable improvements and alterations in the technology developments in the past 10 years that have fundamentally altered the lifestyle and the way humans have progressed and innovated.

    The decade will be remembered in terms of revolutionary items contributing excessively. Cheers to all these years of excellence, creativity, and collaboration. However, it was quite difficult to pick only 10 items. There are plenty more than that and many more to come in future for the betterment of life and managing daily activities and business prosperation.

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