What is Y99 Chat? Parent’s Guide to Ensuring Their Kid’s Safety on Y99

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With the downfall of Omegle last year, many chatting services have come to light for trying to imitate the fame Omegle has hoarded for the past 14 years, and Y99 Chat is one of them.

However, apart from allowing users to chat with strangers, Y99 has been gaining attention recently for causing safety concerns for kids and posing risks of online predation.

As a parent, if you have similar concerns about your child’s safety on Y99, read this blog and learn whether this site is truly safe for your kids and what you can do to ensure your child’s safety. So, let’s get going!

What is Y99 Chat?

Y99 Chat

Y99 Chat is an online India-based chat room service where users can talk with strangers anonymously, share content, play games, and make friends online.

This chat service strangely mimics the chatroom of the 1990s and 2000s and similarly bombards the users with a lot of ads and bots. Additionally, it has a feature similar to Omegle, where the algorithm matches the users with random strangers.

About the setup, you can easily join with only a username. However, some chat rooms require users to get registered; thus, you must sign up and verify to access the desired chat room.

For personalization in chat rooms, you can create your private or public chat room by clicking on ‘Create a Chat Room’ on the home page. After joining a chat room, you can easily take part in the discussions and create a community you desire to be a part of.

Pros and Cons of Y99

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the chat service:

Users can create a separate section for playing games, chatting, and sharing memesIt has constant pop-ups that redirect users to phishing scams and data breaches
The chatrooms cover a variety of generic topics and discussionsThe chat service is filled with bots
Users can take part in video calls and voice calls, along with accessing memesPast users have criticized the website navigation
It has a dark modeThe website is home to abuse and lurking predators

Is Y99 Chat Safe for Kids?

No, Y99 Chat is not safe for kids!

It has no robust security settings or parental controls, except for reporting or blocking the user. It doesn’t state anywhere the age restrictions to use the app, and thus, there is no age verification process during the sign-up.

Although it does have age-restricted chat rooms labeled teen-only, the kids often lie about their age to join the rooms, which is what fascinates the predators. Moreover, it’s easy for the kids to click on the ads and end up on sites unsuitable for their age.

Although the Y99 chat’s privacy policy states that it does not knowingly collect personal data from kids under 13, the reality is quite the opposite, as it certainly collects data from kids above that age.

Potential Risks of Using Y99 Chat

Y99 Chat, being an anonymous app, poses potential risks to children and teens alike. Here I’ve listed the ones I found during my research:

  • Anonymous Chatting

Y99 is infamous for anonymous chatting, where users can talk privately with strangers. However, most of the time, these strangers are online predators disguising themselves as teens to force little kids into sextortion and other atrocities.

Moreover, the content shared in the chat rooms is usually explicit or contains profanity.

  • Scam or Data Theft

With the abundance of ads on the app, your kids can be exposed to different clickbait scams, and data theft is one of them. These ads often look like a new chat window and make the kids purposely click on them.

  • Explicit Content

As there is no moderation on the shared content in the chatrooms, your kids might come across pornographic, violent, and inappropriate content.

  • Malware and Viruses

Due to the lack of parental controls, strangers online can send your kids malicious links that lead to phishing scams and virus attacks.

  • Inappropriate Discussions

In the chat room discussions, users are free to promote hate speeches and extremist behaviors, which might influence your kids to develop biased opinions.

  • Home to Lurking Predators

According to the user’s reviews on the Y99 Chat, the site certainly has a chain of pedophiles lurking around to bait the little kids.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Using Y99 Chat?

If your kid is bent on using the Y99 Chat or is already using the app, follow the tips listed below to ensure your child’s safety while talking with strangers.

  1. Offer Alternatives

First, ask your child why they want to use the chat service, and then offer better alternatives with more security options, like Discord, Tumblr, or Reddit.

  1. Discuss the Risks

Discuss the various risks of the chatting service with your child, so they get a heads-up on what they are dealing with.

  1. Discuss the Possibility of Dangers

Talk about every possibility of harm that awaits them on the app, like coming across a creepy stranger while chatting anonymously or encountering some profanity.

  1. Teach the Safety Measures

Teach your kids the actions to take in the face of a crisis, and show them how to report or block the content or user. However, if your child’s experience on the app has been unpleasant, strictly ask them to refrain from using it.

  1. Educate About Online Responsible Behavior

Tell your child what is okay to post and what isn’t, so they know how to behave responsibly and can recognize an unhealthy conversation at a glance.


Y99 is a modern-day chatting service with retro vibes that suit the tastes of both teenagers and elders. However, due to the safety concerns it poses to children, I don’t recommend this chat service to kids under 18.

However, if your kids insist on using it, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above and have an open conversation with them about online safety. Additionally, ensure a good parent-child relationship so your child doesn’t hesitate to approach you.

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