Improving Video Resolution With The Best Video Upscaler Tools

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Looking for an upscaler to enhance video quality? Check the best 5 video upscaler and its pros and cons here.

Is video quality a significant concern for you? Are you looking for efficient quality upgrading solutions? Upscale your video quality with an ai video upscaler. In the last few years, AI has changed how videos are presented. Many compelling video upscaling tools add new life to dull and blurry videos.

Noisy videos are no longer an issue because content creators and videographers have free AI video upscaling tools. These advanced tools have advanced features to add brightness, color, audio, and quality to videos. Check the comprehensive list of the best video upscale tools in this article.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Top 5 Video Upscaler Tools

Video enhancers have revolutionized the way videos are presented worldwide. AI brings innovativeness to existing videos, making them look more interactive and meaningful. The powerful AI video upscaler offers advanced features such as voice enhancement, colour correction, background improvements, and clarity introduction.

There are thousands of online upscaling tools. Sadly, not all of them are helpful. This article briefly introduces the top video upscaling tools. Compare each tool and select one that meets your video enhancement requirements.

1. UniFab Video Enlarger AI

UniFab Video Enlarger AI is an advanced tool that supports video upscaling into HD and 720p resolution. The smart upscaler offers varied features for video enlargement. The software uses an enhanced algorithm to add magical visual effects to dull videos.

UniFab is helpful software that supports multiple output formats. It also offers in-built editing features to create customized video results. This AI tool offers advanced features such as crop, trim, and sound effects.


  • It helps remove unwanted noise from videos.
  • Let you add high-quality audio.
  • Supports upscaling to HD quality.


  • Works only on Windows devices.
  • Does not allow frame rate alteration.

2. Topaz Labs Video AI Upscaler

Are you looking for sharp and smooth video results? Opt Topaz to add life to dull videos. The advanced video AI upscaler provides myriad features to improve video quality in the best possible way. The software works on shaky videos to make it crisp and beautiful.

This software is widely used by professionals looking to enhance video and other footage. The AI tool also reduces flickers and removes unwanted noise.


  • Helps upscale video resolution.
  • It is a perfect tool for professionals.
  • Provides enhanced results for sharpening and upscaling.


  • Sometimes, the tool skips the fine details.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

3. Pixop AI Video Upscaler

Pixop is a cloud-based ai video upscaler that supports an advanced algorithm for video upscaling. This intelligent software lets you compare videos to create the best video output. The AI tool offers a user-friendly interface for video improvement. The advanced software supports myriad features and filters for quality and resolution improvement. It is possible to work as a team with Pixop.


  • It is a cloud-based software.
  • Does not occupy huge storage space.
  • Creates a preview before final creation.


  • It does not offer offline functionality.
  • The video result depends on the original footage.

4. CapCut Free Online AI Video Upscaler

CapCut is an online ai video upscaler that supports upscaling features for video improvement. This platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for even novice editors to add a professional touch to existing videos. The software appropriately works on each frame to improve the basic details of the videos. The software helps enhance the sharpness, color, and quality of each video in the easiest possible way.


  • Works on increasing the overall visual quality.
  • Download the video without a watermark.
  • Provides additional features for video editing.


  • Requires an initial sign-up process.
  • Works slowly with huge video files.

5. Pikavue AI Video Upscaler

Pikavue is an advanced upscaler that enhances videos and images for maximum-quality results. This software offers web-based solutions for revamping old videos into high-quality, high-resolution ones. The AI upscalers provide varied features, including AI denoise and a user-friendly boosting engine. The software supports everything for faster video processing.


  • Works on videos and image upscaling.
  • Enhanced filters for brightness and color improvement.
  • Negates the need for heavy software installation.


  • The trial versions support only limited features.
  • Supports limited video formats.


Artificial intelligence has changed the way video appears. Video upscaling tools let you enjoy enhanced features to transform dull footage into lively and expressive videos. The above-mentioned video upscaler tools are widely used AI tools for video enhancement. It is essential to compare these tools to select the best video upscale tool. Look into each tool’s features, user-friendliness, and pros and cons before choosing an enhanced video upscaling tool that meets your needs.

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